Friday, July 26, 2013

 When I see pictures of African women such as these, I think of how strong we black, African American women are, no matter the complexion or skin tone. I think of what we've come from and how and why we are still able to continue forward. I get strength. I often google images of African Women Warriors...and just look, and I remember who I am, as I remember from whence and where I come.

When I see Luke Cage, I wonder where the manly strength (mentally and physically) of the Black, African American man has gone. I wonder where he self preservation, survival of the fittest has gone, that's missing in the will of  our  young black men. I'm afraid, I'm worried. So many now have more in common with Zoo animals than they do the male species of mankind. When is this hero coming to save young black males; and, where is this super hero going to come from? You? He? Him?

African American Super Hero Needed
Responsibility: Save young black males from themselves and others who want to do away with them.
Benefits: A healtheir, productive society that cares about it's youth.
Requirements: Blessed, Skilled, Educated, Concerned or striving to be; Humane; Ready to make a difference.

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