Tuesday, November 29, 2011

"A Blessing and a Curse" out in time for the holidays

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The Gift of Entertaining Knows No Boundaries

East Orange, NJ, January 4, 2012 – Andrea Clinton, niece of the legendary George Clinton, of Parliament/Funkadelic, has done it again. Andrea has bought her long awaited 2nd book in the, “Life Knows No Bounds" series into fruition. "A Blessing and a Curse” a novel, is set for publication on February 1, 2012 on eBook and in paperback February 15, 2012.

            In "A Blessing and a Curse" Malika has the life every woman wants, a hardworking husband who makes it happen financially; kids, both adopted as well as her own; her career as an artist; nice house; nice neighbors and the gift of foresight. Malika couldn't ask for much more, until her gift of sight and infrequent ability to read minds opened her up to her husband's disgust, followed by his uncaring desire to leave her. She can't figure it out; what has gone wrong? But a well needed vacation may lead to a detrimental end? Readers discover what others are saying, "Andrea writes with the same creativity that her uncle George Clinton does in his music."

 About Andrea Clinton:  Andrea is presently working on the biography of George Clinton and the Clinton family. Her first novel, "One Who Loves You More" was picked up by a producer in April of 2011 to be adapted as a play. Andrea has worked as a Principal, high school English Teacher, Novelist, Poet, Essayist, Freelance Journalist and aspiring Filmmaker who’s made several short films. Andrea is a Montclair State University Graduate who’s achieved a degree in English, Film and Journalism. She is the Editor in Chief of AMISTAD newspaper and E-magazine and is founder and CEO of People Helping People, a non-profit organization.

“A Blessing and A Curse” by Andrea Clinton
Publication Date:  February 1, 2011
Trade Paperback; $14.95; 224 pages; 978-0-9818376-4-2

To request a complimentary review copy, interview with Andrea Clinton, press kit, or wholesale/bulk orders, calls: (973) 280-2729. Tear sheets or other request may be sent to: AroundTheWayPub@aol.com.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Your Ideal Super Hero

Helloooo, how art thou?

I have a question. I'm sitting here looking at Megamind, and I'm wondering:

If we could construct our own super hero, what abilities would your super hero have and how and/or who would he use those super powers on? For what greater good?

Monday, November 14, 2011

How Far Would You Go To Preserve Your Relationship?

How Far Would You Go To Preserve Your Relationship?

Ladies, gentlemen, many of us will fight for our love. Some of us will go farther than others. In fact, many of us will actually FIGHT.  Others of us will do some things we wouldn't ordinarily do. So, I ask you today, how far are  you willing to go? How far would you go to preserve your relationship? Steal? Lie? Play games? Check cell phone text and messages? Check wallet? Follow them? Hire a detective? Put cameras around?

How low will you go?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

$.99 books, can't get any better

Read "Life Knows No Bounds: One Who Loves You More" by Andrea Clinton and see how a Gold Diggers selfish ways come back to bite her. For just $.99, you'll read and enjoy the story of a life time.

online applications SUCK!!!

Trying to help my son fill out some applications online and the online forms get stuck or won't flip to the next page when you hit enter or next page.  Not good since I'm suppose to be teaching him patience. I wonder how many of you have experienced the same challenge.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Book "A Blessing and A Curse" by Andrea Clinton Fall 2011

...And so it was...

Finally, the cover of the 2nd novel in the "Life Knows No Bounds" series is complete. Debuting in the fall 2011, we can all look forward to this next novel to spell out more goodies from life's infamous bag of tricks. If you thought it wasn't easy being cheesy, wait 'til you get a load of Malika, who has the gift of foresight, which some call a blessing and she calls a curse.

Malika doesn't know which way to turn as her life turns and tumbles upside down. After a lifetime of sacrifices for her family, Malika's husband decides to kick her to the curb, along with the children and bills, leaving Malika distraught over her new position in life as a single mother.

Trying to find some refuge, Malika decides to take a vacation to the islands where she meets friends, learns about her gift and gains a new perspective on life, but, to what expense.

Stay tuned as I bring you the 2nd  novel in the "Life Knows No Bounds" series.


I can't believe, we've been praying for Japan and then, we get hit with a quake. A 5.9 earthquake shakes the east coast on many levels. The Epicenter of the quake wasn't even a mile deep, but was felt from NC to NY & RI.

Many were buzzing about the quake on twitter and Facebook, afraid, not knowing what more to expect. Then there were those like me, conspiracy theorist who are watching, eyes wide open just to be sure and on alert that there is nothing else we should be concerned about.

So far a few aftershocks were noted near DC area, however, nothing up north. Tweeters have tweeted that some streets were hectic there in DC and the people were in hysterics in business areas. People are warned to stand under doorways or go under tables in the event of another earthquake. Meanwhile, the rest of us are praying for no surprise aftershocks, while meteorologist report, no tsunami is underway.

To this end, we pray that there will be no need to continue this post, on any level. As we look forward to more pleasant circumstances, and pleasantries.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A Blessing and A Curse

Just finished the new book cover and it's time for unveiling. Will hit you all up very soon
and I'm excited to hear my readers feedback.

Y'all ready for my next book, "A Blessing and A Curse"
Coming at ya Very Soon!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Life Knows No Bounds

Just when you thought it was safe to find someone special to  share your life with, Alisa and the new generation of young women devise a new gold digging scheme with rules that don't allow them to have feelings, keep a man more than three months, or leave without some equity for their time. Or ladies, you meet men who have a beautiful heart and mind but can't seem to stop playing and hustling in the streets. Experience all this and more in the 1st novel in the Life Knows No Bounds series, "One Who Loves You More"

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Regina King and Malcom Jamal Warner

Why am I always the VERY last to know?  What a beautiful couple. I would've never thought of these two getting together but, I'm so happy to see them find one another, and in love. Beautiful, and I so pray they stand the test of time.
     On the Wendy Williams Show, Regina said they've been together for three years. Woooow!