Wednesday, September 7, 2011

online applications SUCK!!!

Trying to help my son fill out some applications online and the online forms get stuck or won't flip to the next page when you hit enter or next page.  Not good since I'm suppose to be teaching him patience. I wonder how many of you have experienced the same challenge.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes. The bad ones take many hours with all the fussy details. You write masterful answers and really put your heart into it, then when you finally hit submit you find out the site has logged you out and when you get back in all your work is gone... or the little wheel indicating that it is saving goes round and round for 3 hours when you've tried to save what you have put in.

Some job applications sites do go smoothly however they all require a huge time investment of entering hundreds of details in tiny, specific fields. No easy cut and paste. Pure insanity! I guess it makes it easier for the companies, but when hundreds of people have to apply to hundreds of jobs to get one interview, it is an outrageous waste of human energy. These technological growing pains will have to get resolved one day.