Thursday, April 2, 2009

Michelle Obama Hugs the Queen;

People are really taking me there; they are really getting on my nerves. Why is it that Michelle Obama is being critized for accepting Queen Elizabeth's hug with a return hug and embrace? It would be rude to be a stiff and do nothing, and it evidently was a show of affection on the Queens behalf and appreciation of it on the behalf of Michelle. Uuuuugh!

So, I guess London Bridges really will fall down now, this Nigg...had the nerves to come to England and...
Gimme' a break!!!

People are truly getting on my nerves, especially with criticizing Obama for not really doing much and for the few things he's done. As Mos Def said on Bill Maher show, "He's only been in office a few months; give him some time to do something."

I feel they wanted Bush and the republicans OUT, and so they'd have taken anyone in to do so. But now that he's done it, became president, they're ready to knock him.

I want to say, "Back up off of them and give them a break!!!" But I know only the walls will hear me, oh, and that fly in the corner. So, instead I will just write it here with hopes all will share it:

Back up off of them and give them a break!!!


Nadeem said...

Michelle is not the first one to be criticised. A similar storm erupted in 1992 when the prime minister of Australia, Pul Keating, was photographed with his arm around the Queen during his visit to London.
The entire world is facing the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression and many people just need to find someone to blame, so Obama, being the president of the richest and the most powerful country, is receiving the biggest share of something he wasn't responsible for.
By the way, you should watch John Stewart and Stephen Colbert's take on this issue. Their shows may be funny, but their satire seems to me the most effective and passionate defence of Obama's policies so far.

Anonymous said...

I do agree with you Sis.Andrea. Because Michelle hugged the Queen just shows that she does not show anger and hatred towards other leaders, but that she has some heart. Everyone she be glad to Know that Michelle hugged because this tells them that Obama has a caring, loving, and sincere mate and not someone who is stuckup.

Teaclinton said...

Bro. Nadeem, I will definitely check these out. I agree with you totally, I only hope the world will as well.