Saturday, September 20, 2008

Presidential Election

Well the hats are off and they are fighting dirty. Democrats finally got moxy and are moving in for the kill. They say this Palin person, Gov. from Alaska is the Maverick in an effort to take away any thought that she is a "lady." So she goes gunning for the black guy, but, shouldn't she be going after the Vice. President? Or both? Oh, but I forgot, it's minority (white woman) against minority(black man). I wonder if the Democrats got that memo, so that they can sick Biden on Mccain.

What a bunch of crap! What's your thought on it?

1 comment:

Katsgoturtongue said...

Palin is more of a mavWRECK! This woman has more skeltons in her closet - everytime someone opens the door another one falls out.