Thursday, July 10, 2008

Line Editor Needed

I am in need of a line editor to fulfill the following for an African American novel:

***Line editing. Also known as stylistic editing or medium editing. In addition to the tasks performed as part of copyediting, includes clarifying meaning; rewording jargon and awkward phrasing; eliminating wordiness; changing passive voice to active voice; flagging inappropriate, ambiguous, or incorrect statements; ensuring parallel structure; rearranging sentences within paragraphs; correcting inconsistencies in writing style and tone; and flagging discrepancies in plot, setting, and character traits.

The manuscript is 160 pages and 67,000 words.
There is a multitude of slang and so it is vital that the person applying for the job have this type of experience.

Email me at requesting a copy of the manuscript. I have a 7 page sample and a 20 page sample.
Thanks in advance


Cassie Tuttle said...

Hi Andrea. I saw your ad posted on the EFA job list and found my way over to your blog. Nice layout.

I'll be sending a separate email in response to the ad, but I just wanted to stop in here and say wazzup.

Cassie Tuttle

Teaclinton said...

Thank you for posting on my blog. Please do email me regarding the job. I am urging those who have experience with African American slang and literature to apply. Although some have applied to no avail as they did not fit the bil. But, so long as you have the experience, you are welcome and encouraged to apply.
Thanks Again